Other Facts

  • The pill usually contains 1 to 2 mg and cost from $2- $10 a pill.
  • Dosage of Flunitrazepam was lowere to 1 mg or less in each pill because of abuse
  • Roche changed the color to a green oval with the number 542 written on it. the pill had a green/blue dye it to make it apparent in peoples drinks if it was slipped into them
  • Unlike other designer drugs for pleasure or psychedelic feelings, rohypnol doesn't produce a feeling of well-being, euphoria, or hallucination. (Olive)
  • A common myth is that i is sealed and pharmaceutical so it is safe and free of any contaminations. That is false, it is oftentimes crushed into powder by the dealer andd can be contaminated.
  • rohypnol produces what is called 'anterograde amnesia', which means he or she will not be ale to remember many events that occur when under the influence. (Olive)
  • Another common myth is that it cannot be detected in urine. This is false, with new technology metabolites rohypnol can be detected in bodily fluids for up to 2-3 days